May 3, 2009

29 Jul

I have decided to start blogging.  Yes, yet another thing to occupy my time on the computer.  Because I have so much time.  Between 2 children, a husband, women’s ministry, cooking, grading papers, lesson plans, facebook, family, and friends, I have PLENTY of time to Blog. 

The biggest thing right now is that my daughter is about to turn 4.  I have many  mixed emotions about my baby girl turning 4.  She is becoming extremely smart and beautiful.  She amazes me each and every day.  It saddens me, though, to think that she is growing up so fast.  Only one more year and she will be in kindergarten.  I know it will be lots of fun times when she is in school, especially going to the same school with me. Sebastian is quickly growing also.  He mimics everything his big sister does.  They are quite a pair.  ALan and I have been especially blessed with 2 wonderful children.  I look at them and see what a wonderful, glorious God we have.  Children are truly our very own miracles.

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