April 23, 2010

23 Apr

Where do I even begin?!?!  Let’s start with the po-po.  Yes, the police have been to our house three times now in the last two weeks.  Our neighbors are going to start thinking that we are running a drug operation out of our house.  The first time the police were called someone had attempted to steal our air conditioner.  The second time, the vial creatures kicked in our door.  Thank GOD, they did not enter the house and nothing was stolen.  

Then of course there is my mouth, always getting me in trouble.  I speak my mind sometimes before I think about what I am about to say.  However, some other things have come to light in the past few hours that make me even more passionate about the situation.  Enough said…….

FINALLY…. I have a nice evening without any drama.  Double date night with my best friend is probably one of my absolute favorite nights.  We went to Studio Movie Grill and saw Losers, which was surprisingly really good.  I’m usually not really in to those shoot em up movies, but this one was really cool.  The slow-mo special effects were really exciting.  I have decided that I definitely have to get a gun and learn how to shoot one just like the girl in the movie.  I’m just wondering though, if I do get a gun will it make me as sexy as she was??

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