Family Time in the Woods

08 Jul
Sebastian and Alanna throw rocks into the river.

We recently got back from a family vacation to Beaver’s Bend in Oklahoma.  It was a wonderful family time with no tv, internet, phones, or any other kind of interuptions.  It was just having fun in nature.  This was a yearly trip my family took when I was a child, and it brings back so many memories watching my children and their cousin have so much fun there.  Sebastian spent the majority of his time throwing rocks into the water.  I haven’t figured out the fascination yet, but that’s ok, because I love to watch him have fun.  We did have to stop him for one night, after he hit Alan in the shin.  Alanna spent time with her daddy leading him up one of the many flowing creeks there.  They jumped from rock to rock exploring.  She absolutely loved it and was so excited to tell me how far they traveled.  She also put on her life jacket and swam all the way across the river at the swim area.  I was so proud of my little girl. Each night we made smores by the campfire, then when it got dark we all went back to our cabin where the kids and adults played dominoes.  The kids also had fun jumping on the blow-up mattress, which, of course, Alanna had to organize.  (She is totally my daughter.) I’m so glad that my children get along so well with their cousin, Lyric.   



Papa, Alan, and Alanna floating in the river.

Alanna leads her daddy down the creek.
One very late night, my children were up later than they had ever stayed up before.  They were both getting VERY grumpy, so I told them it was bed time.  Neither of them liked me much at that moment.  After much fussing they finally lay down to let their Nana read them stories.  Alanna, wise beyond her years, tells her Nana, “When I’m 13, 16, or 30, I am going to stay up and make noise and no one is going to be able to tell me when to go to bed.”  I’m betting on 30. 
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One response to “Family Time in the Woods

  1. karamg

    July 8, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    It looks so beautiful there!! What a great vacation!


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