School Supplies

16 Jul

I am still in shock when I have to admit that my daughter is about to start kindergarten.  She has grown up way too fast, time is flying right before my eyes.  Today we had a mommy/daughter shopping day to shop for new school supplies.  Our main goal today was to find a backpack for her.  Our first stop was Target.  She was extremely surprised to see princess, tinkerbell, and Hello Kitty backpacks there.  She began running from one end of the aisle to the other and said “Mommy, I can’t choose, I have to get them all.”  I finally got her calmed down and laid five backpacks out for her to choose from.  I chose ones that I thought were the smaller ones.  As my daughter tried each backpack on and was swallowed up by them, I began to tear up.  I saw my little baby girl walking down the hallways of her school, with her backpack full of brand new school supplies and I couldn’t stop the tears.  She finally chose her very first backpack — a pink one with a cute little monkey. She liked it best because it had a small stuffed monkey hanging from the zipper.  We then chose a lunch box for her.  She “just had to have” the Hello Kitty lunch box.  Being the fashion police that I am, I then tried to talk her into getting the matching Hello Kitty backpack, but she had already made up her mind and there was no changing it.  As we walked a little farther down the lunch box aisle, I picked up a very cute brown lunch bag with polka dots.  Alanna says to me, “Mommy, put that down, you do NOT need another purse.”  I hate it when she is right……

Finally, we made it to the school supply section.  Alanna does not share my appreciation for new school supplies.  I absolutely love a box of new crayons and cannot resist buying them for my classroom every year.  There are always a few kids that don’t have supplies, or that lose their crayons by Christmas time, so of course, I have to have a new box for them.  Who am I kidding, I really just love to buy crayons. 

Before we left Target, I let her pick out a book from the dollar bin.  She surprised me and wanted to take home a chapter book.  She chose Alice in Wonderland and decided that we would read a chapter every night.  I am so very proud of how smart my daughter is and how much she loves to read books.  Our next stop was half-price book store, where she picked up a Princess storybook and sat in the little wooden chair to read while I shopped for books for my classroom library.  

The Lord has truly blessed me……..


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2 responses to “School Supplies

  1. Debbie

    July 17, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    What a sweet, precious, smart little girl. I am very blessed and thankful to be their Mamaw!! Thank you for being such a good mother.

  2. karamg

    July 19, 2010 at 8:24 am

    So sweet. I definitely request a photo of her with her backpack on! I also could not agree more about loving new school supplies! At least you have an excuse that you need them for your kids, I just end up buying them for no reason at all.


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