My Kindergartener

10 Sep

We survived the first 3 weeks of school.  My first year teaching first grade and Alanna’s first year of kindergarten.  shwoo!  What a 3 weeks it was.  Alanna’s first day was rough.  She got really tired in the afternoon and didn’t want to work and then got scared to get on the bus at first.  Now her favorite part of the day is the bus.  🙂 Alanna has gotten over her rough patch at school and now absolutely loves school.  She is very animated every morning and tells me whether she is going to pe, music, or art.  She also tells me all about the computer programs they do at her school.  My favorite time each evening is when her and I sit and complete her homework each night.  Then we will sit on the couch or her bed and read her “take home” readers.  I am so proud of how smart she is.  She is learning to read and spell so many new words already.  One day she got off the bus and began to tell me all about how the teacher asked her to spell a word she didn’t know.  Then she said, “I only know how to spell bat and cat and box and fox and hat and hen and words like that.”  She is so dramatic.  I already see a big change in her since starting school.  She isn’t baby talking anymore and she wants to help her brother with everything. 

She has also become very fashion conscious.  She and I pick out her clothes for the week every Sunday night and place them in her organizer.  She loves to go through her clothes and pick out her own outfits.  She recently decided that she just had to have a pair of “twinkle toe” shoes.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  We have been to a million stores and apparantly every girl that owns the twinkle toe shoes wears the same size Alanna does.  Not one single store had her size.  We ended up ordering them, and for everyone’s sake I hope they come in next week.  She also told her Nana and I that we needed to go shopping again soon, because, and I quote, “I’ve worn all those already”.  She is too much like her momma and all I can say is I hope Alan can make enough money to support Alanna’s and my shopping habits.  heehee!!

Anyway, her teacher thinks that Alanna is just a doll, even though Alanna’s stubborn side has shown through numerous times in the classroom already.  Alanna has made lots of new friends.  She told her daddy the other night that she has 2 boyfriends now.  The look on his face was a look of pure pain. 

Alanna working on her first project in her new classroom.

Getting off the bus after her first day of kindergarten. My sweet girl is growing up so fast.

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One response to “My Kindergartener

  1. karamg

    September 13, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    It’s crazy how Alanna is SO MUCH like you! I’m so glad she’s doing so well and loving it!


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