Update Long Overdue

18 Dec

It has been much too long since I have updated the blog and so much has happened. Alanna is absolutely thriving in kindergarten. She loves her teacher and going to school. I am amazed every day by how smart she is. Sebastian is becoming quite the charmer and still very mischievious. Thankfully he hasn’t grown out of the cuddle bug stage yet.

I will go back to Halloween….. Toy Story has been a huge hit in our house this past year and both Alanna and Sebastian dressed as characters from the movie. Alanna dressed as Jesse the Cowgirl. The costume was impossible to find, so I made one for her. I am really glad I did because it ended up looking 100 times better than any store bought costume. Sebastian dressed as Buzz Light Year. He was really into trick-or-treating this year and loved getting candy.

Now we will fast forward to December…..  This month has been jam packed with fun things to do.  We took the kids to see the new Disney movie, Tangled.  They both loved it, especially Alanna.  She is now asking for everything Rapunzel.  We went to the Christmas parade in downtown Paris with my family.  It was at night and all of the floats were lit up.  It was really magical.  It reminded me of the parade at Disney World I saw when I was a little girl.  I can’t wait to take our kids to Disney World sometime soon.  The kids visited Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shop this year and both told him what they wanted for Christmas.  Alanna wrote a letter to Santa this year, all by herself.  My favorite part of the month so far has been that Alanna and Sebastian both picked out gifts to give each other for Christmas.  I took Alanna shopping and Alan took Sebastian shopping.  It was wonderful watching them pick out something that they knew their brother/sister would love to have.  I love that they had so much fun picking out a present for each other. 

We have a tradition of driving around and looking at Christmas lights.  This year Alan took us to a light show at Macy’s that was set to music.  It was beautiful and the best part was that Sebastian and Alanna danced to the music.  After that we drove over to Deerfield and looked at their Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  Alanna and I both picked out a house that we wanted.  She is so much like me that sometimes it scares me. 

The annual Jones’ Christmas party was held out our home last night.  This is Alan’s grandpa’s side of the family.  It went over very well.  No matter how tired I get, I love love having parties at our house.  It was lots of fun to see our family, many of whom we don’t see throughout the year except for Christmas time.  Alanna and Sebastian had a great time playing with cousins, Lindsey, Jason, and Jacob.  It’s funny how life goes in circles.  When Alan and Joy were about 18 – 20, (Lindsey and Jason’s age) they remember playing with them as little kids at the Christmas parties.  Now Lindsey and Jason are playing with our little ones.  When everyone left, Sebastian says to me, “Where did the crowd go?”  🙂

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