Snow Days

04 Feb

I woke up this morning and could not believe how much snow we have on the ground.  The weather man was predicting about 1 inch of snow.  YEESH!!  We got more like 6 inches of snow and it is still snowing out there right now.  It was beautiful outside.  The snow was piled so high you couldn’t tell where the yards ended and the road began.  The trees were absolutely gorgeous with piles of snow on the branches.  It was like GOD took a paintbrush and painted the trees last night while we slept.  After breakfast this morning the kids and I bundled up to venture outside and play in the snow.  Alan was greatly missed at home today.  The snow was too powdery to build a snowman, so the kids threw snow at each other and made snow angels.  Just as well, because I am not really good at making snowmen.  Alan is the expert at that. 

Some friends came over from the street next to us and the kids all played together.  The two boys were wrestling in the snow.  Sebastian wanted one of them to follow him so he called the boy then said, “But don’t play fight me, OK.”  After making snow angels we went down to the hill across the street and pushed the kids down it in the sled.  They had a blast!!  It was so fun to hear them giggle.

Alanna had so much fun sledding I didn't think I was going to get her to go inside.

Sebastian had a serious look on his face everytime until he got to the bottom, then he would give us a HUGE grin!!

After a while, I finally talked them into going inside to warm up by bribing them with hot chocolate.  Alanna requested Nana’s hot chocolate, which I quickly agreed to.  So much better than the Swiss Miss powder mix!! We all warmed up sitting together by the fire and drank the whole pot of hot chocolate!! 

Yesterday, there was no snow only ice, but I let the kids play outside anyway.  They pretended to skate around our backyard, which actually did look like a frozen pond.  Every time the ice would break they would yell and pretend that they had to save each other.  My children both have the biggest imaginations ever.  I love to watch them play together. 

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