Summer is Over…… it’s back to reality

02 Sep

What a great summer!!  I’m sad to see it end, but excited for a new school year, too.  The month of June was filled with fun family vacations. Alan and I spend our anniversary in Jamaica.  Then we took the kids to the beach in Galveston.  We were there with my parents (Nana and Papa), my sister, and her family.  The kids had a blast playing on the beach with their cousin.

Sebastian’s favorite part was collecting rocks and seashells.  He wanted to keep all of them and take them home.  Alanna had fun doing everything.  She enjoyed building sandcastles, jumping over the waves and riding a boogie board.

In Galveston we took daddy out for Father’s Day to Landry’s Seafood.  One of his favorite kinds of food is seafood, but mom hates it.  She got to spend the evening with her grandkids coloring, watching movies, and eating pizza.  They felt like they were at a party.  It was great.  The next day we spent almost all day at the beach and everyone got a sunburn, even me!!  That evening we broke up, girls and boys.  The girls went to rainforest cafe and the boys went to Joe’s Crab Shack.  We met up afterwards for ice cream and souvenir shopping.

Alanna and me at Rainforest Cafe

Alanna and Nana dancing along the sea wall

Nana and Papa being silly

At the end of June we went to Beaver’s Bend.  The kids love it there.  The first time we went Sebastian was not even one yet.  Alanna still remembers every cabin we’ve stayed in.  We have a great time there wading in the river, fishing, playing dominoes, and roasting marshmallows.  It is a family tradition we will share every year.

On one of the trails at Beavers Bend

Swimming in the river YUMMY!!! S'mores

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