State Fair of Texas

09 Nov

One of our favorite fall family outings is the State Fair of Texas. As soon as school started the kids started asking when we were going to the fair. Alanna started talking about corn dogs and the dog show as soon as we started planning Sebastian’s birthday party. She associates his party with the Fair coming right after.

The first thing we did this year was something new. We went to the butterfly house where we saw lots of beautiful butterflies around and even found some catterpillars. Alanna got her face painted. They told us to come back laterer in the day when it was warmer and we would see more butterflies flying around.


Next we ventured out to find Big Tex. Sebastian kept saying he was scared of Big Tex. We followed his voice until we finally found him. We knew that the corn dog stand was close by!! The corn dogs are always our first food item to get along with a big cup of cold root beer.

The kids wanted to ride a few rides, so that was our next stop. WOW, the rides are expensive these days. Most of the rides were 6 – 8 tickets per person, which with both kids came to 16 tickets per ride. The tickets are $.50 a piece!! Mom and Dad gave the kids a limit on rides. J

The favorite ride was a race car ride. It went really fast around corners and you could hear Alanna and Sebastian laughing and giggling during the whole ride. It was wonderful to watch and worth every ticket we had to spend.


They rode a few more rides, then we got more food! The main reason Alan and I go to the fair is for the food. Isn’t that why you go? I wanted a Belgian waffle and Alanna wanted to try a caramel apple. We bought strawberry milk and sweet tea from the Borden’s spot and met Elsie the cow and her calf. Later we got more food. We ate a fried snicker and a funnel cake. We visited the petting zoo, the little farm, and watched the bird show. Last stop was the car buildings. We looked at all the cars and Alanna found her jeep that she wants.

Sebastian watering the plants at the little farm.


Alanna got a butterfly on her finger.

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