My Baby Girl is 7!!

14 May

I cannot believe that my baby girl is now 7 years old. It was just yesterday I was in the hospital in labor, wasn’t it. What happened to the past 7 years?!!

We have a tradition of taking her out for breakfast on her birthday and she always chooses IHOP. So the kids and I got up early that morning and went to eat pancakes before heading off to school. After school she opened up her presents from Mommy and Daddy. We bought her a new lamp she has been asking for, a pink baseball bat, and a pink scooter. I think by far she loved the scooter the most. She has already been riding it all around the house and up and down our sidewalk.





On Saturday, we had her Candy Shop party. I made giant lollipops to create “Lollipop Lane” as the kids entered the house. The backyard was also decorated with giant lollipops. Inside the house was a candy table with M&Ms, sour balls, Pixie Sticks, suckers, and candy popcorn. It was candy heaven!!


Alanna and her cousin Lyric in front of the balloon wall. I took a picture of each girl as they arrived at the party. The pictures are so cute and something we will treasure forever!


Alanna and her friends had a great time playing Twister.


The candy shop table with the birthday cake.


Alanna’s friends were so funny as she opened the present. It was just like a bunch of women at a baby shower. You know how we all oooooo and ahhhhh over each and every baby gift. That is exactly what these girls did with each of her presents. It was great!!!

Definitley her mother’s daughter…… this girl loves to get gift cards and go shopping!!


Papa, Nana, and Sebastian were worn out. My parents came up early that morning to help get the party set up and I think I over worked them. Not really J

Here is the beautiful birthday girl with her precious friends.

The funniest moment is when Alanna was opening her presents from Nana and Papa and of all her presents, money, and gift cards, Nana asks her what her favorite thing she got was. Alanna says “My Justin Beiber Card!!” She is such a silly girl! But that silly girl is very loved. J

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