Jamaica, mon

This summer Alan and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  The years have flown by, but each year has been extremely blessed.  GOD has blessed us in so many ways!!  To celebrate our wonderful 10 years together we went back to the same resort that we went for our honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica.  We had such a great time, we were sad to come home, even though we did miss our kiddos. 

Our room was beach front, so every morning we could open the curtains and see the beautiful ocean. 

The moment we arrived at the airport we began to remember our first trip and how wonderful it was. It rained a lot of the time we were there, but we still had fun.  One day we went out on a boat for a snorkeling trip.

  We got out to the spot and had all jumped out and began snorkeling.  The fish were beautiful and the coral reef was amazing.  After about 15 minutes, the skies opened up.  The driver called us back to the boat.  We boarded and he headed back to shore.  It was my first time in a boat during a storm, and it was honestly very, very scary.  I couldn’t see land at all!!


The food in Jamaica is wonderful.  The fruits are always sweet and fresh.  We ate so much good food, especially fresh fish.  Almost every meal had fish, even breakfast some mornings. 


  Besides eating, we spent most of our time laying on the beach, swimming, and reading. 







Dressed up for dinner


A Jamaica Sunset


This is the spot we had breakfast most mornings.


The view from our room

We can’t wait to get back!!!!

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She’s Growing Up……

My little princess is growing up way too fast.  This past May/June she has turned 6, graduated from kindergarten, had her first dance recital, and started reading chapter books.  Time is whizzing by right in front of me and I am powerless to stop it.

For Alanna’s 6th birthday she chose to have a teddy bear picnic birthday party.  We asked the guests to bring their favorite teddy bear to the picnic.  Each child got their very own picnic baskets filled with teddy bear shaped sandwiches and other teddy bear snacks.  For dessert, they were served lemonade cupcakes topped with a teddy bear under a picnic umbrella.

The girls and their teddy bears all sat on a picnic blanket underneath a picnic umbrella.  The party turned out very, very cute.

The kids having their picnicAlanna blowing out her candleFriends enjoying the cupcakes.

The first week of June, Alanna graduated Kindergarten from Hillside Academy.  I cried almost as much as I did the day she started kindergarten.  She has learned so much this year and has changed right before my eyes in so many ways.  I cannot express how proud I am of Alanna.  She is so smart and beautiful.

Alanna with 2 of her best friends, McKenzi and Elizabeth.

Alanna and her teacher, Ms. King

Hillside Academy Kindergarten Class 2010-2011

 Alanna had her first dance recital on June 11th.  She was the most beautiful little dancer there!!!  There was lots of family there to see Alanna dance.  Nana and Papa, Mamaw and Grandpa, Gran and Papaw, and Aunt Joy all came to the recital and brought flowers.  Alanna did a ballet dance to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and a Tap Dance routine to Rockin’ Robin.  I was one VERY proud momma!!

Of all these wonderful things that she has done this year, the most proud that Alan and I are of our beautiful little princess is that this summer she has accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and is now my sister in Christ.  Alanna is one of GOD’s princesses now!!!  She asks me almost everyday when she will be baptized.  It is so wonderful to see the excitement in her eyes.

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Snow Days

I woke up this morning and could not believe how much snow we have on the ground.  The weather man was predicting about 1 inch of snow.  YEESH!!  We got more like 6 inches of snow and it is still snowing out there right now.  It was beautiful outside.  The snow was piled so high you couldn’t tell where the yards ended and the road began.  The trees were absolutely gorgeous with piles of snow on the branches.  It was like GOD took a paintbrush and painted the trees last night while we slept.  After breakfast this morning the kids and I bundled up to venture outside and play in the snow.  Alan was greatly missed at home today.  The snow was too powdery to build a snowman, so the kids threw snow at each other and made snow angels.  Just as well, because I am not really good at making snowmen.  Alan is the expert at that. 

Some friends came over from the street next to us and the kids all played together.  The two boys were wrestling in the snow.  Sebastian wanted one of them to follow him so he called the boy then said, “But don’t play fight me, OK.”  After making snow angels we went down to the hill across the street and pushed the kids down it in the sled.  They had a blast!!  It was so fun to hear them giggle.

Alanna had so much fun sledding I didn't think I was going to get her to go inside.

Sebastian had a serious look on his face everytime until he got to the bottom, then he would give us a HUGE grin!!

After a while, I finally talked them into going inside to warm up by bribing them with hot chocolate.  Alanna requested Nana’s hot chocolate, which I quickly agreed to.  So much better than the Swiss Miss powder mix!! We all warmed up sitting together by the fire and drank the whole pot of hot chocolate!! 

Yesterday, there was no snow only ice, but I let the kids play outside anyway.  They pretended to skate around our backyard, which actually did look like a frozen pond.  Every time the ice would break they would yell and pretend that they had to save each other.  My children both have the biggest imaginations ever.  I love to watch them play together. 

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Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas from the Harris Family

Our family was extremely blessed this Christmas.  We had lots of good times with family and friends.  The kids had wonderful times playing with their cousin and got so many toys that I can’t even begin to count. 🙂

Christmas Eve Candlelight service was beautiful this year.  We went with Alan’s side of the family, Mamaw, Grandpa, Gran, Papaw, and Aunt Joy.  Sebastian and Alanna both behaved wonderfully in the service and each loved holding their candle.  Pastor Steve talked about keeping Jesus all year long and not just at Christmas time.  Alanna enjoyed the service and has even been quoting Pastor Steve telling us “don’t put Jesus in a box.”  After the service we went to Aunt Joy’s new house and had dinner together and exchanged family gifts. 

Christmas Eve Alan had to work, so the kids and I spent the morning playing games at the house.  After nap, we loaded up the car and headed to the fire station to spend Christmas Eve evening with him.  The fireman cooked turkey, dressing, and sweet potatoes for us and the kids and Alan played in the bay on the firetruck and ambulance.  It was sad not having him home for Christmas Eve, but I am so glad we got to go see him that evening. 

Christmas Eve at the fire station

Christmas Eve night, the kids and I acted out the Christmas story with our little nativity scene.  I think that is Alanna’s favorite part.  They were both very excited about Santa coming and had trouble going to bed that night. 
Christmas morning, Alan was able to get home early.  Thankfully the kids were both still in bed, so he didn’t miss their suprise of finding their gifts from Santa.  Alanna was the first to wake up.  She snuck into the living room really quiet and looked over all her new toys.  We woke Sebastian up, so it took him a while to even realize what was going on.  Alanna got a teddy bear set that you dress up with princess dresses and Sebastian got a train table for his train sets.  When Sebastian saw the trains and the table he asked, “Is this for me?”  Maggie even had some little treats in her stocking.  Santa also surprised me with a pair of Stars tickets!!  After everyone emptied thier stockings we exchanged our gifts.  My favorite thing about this year was that the kids picked out gifts for each other. 
After a Christmas breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausage, we started packing up all the presents and headed to Paris to visit my family.  Alanna, Sebastian, and Lyric played outside on the little jeep and scooter that Nana and Papa gave them for Christmas.  Alanna has now decided that when she grows up she is going to drive a Jeep.  That evening we had our birthday party for Baby Jesus.  After singing, reading a story, and praying we exchanged gfits once again.  I told you that our family was very blessed this year.  Alanna got the Disney Prince dolls for each of her princess dolls.  She also got a Justin Beiber doll, which she absolutely loved!! Sebastian got some of the Marvel comic book characters, which he has been playing with very imaginatively the last couple of weeks.  It is so fun to watch him play with his characters and make them fight and go on adventures.  He has quite an imagination, just like his big sister. 
The next day we went to Cooper for a late Christmas dinner with Alan’s Cooper family.  It was nice to see everyone and catch up. 
Once we made it home and relaxed a while, we spent most of the next day opening boxed toys and organizing rooms to find places for everything.  Our house is now back to normal.  I did, however, leave the nativity scene out this year and placed it on the mantel.  Alanna once again reminded us that Pastor Steve said to not put Jesus in a box. 

Herron/Harris/Brunson Family

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Update Long Overdue

It has been much too long since I have updated the blog and so much has happened. Alanna is absolutely thriving in kindergarten. She loves her teacher and going to school. I am amazed every day by how smart she is. Sebastian is becoming quite the charmer and still very mischievious. Thankfully he hasn’t grown out of the cuddle bug stage yet.

I will go back to Halloween….. Toy Story has been a huge hit in our house this past year and both Alanna and Sebastian dressed as characters from the movie. Alanna dressed as Jesse the Cowgirl. The costume was impossible to find, so I made one for her. I am really glad I did because it ended up looking 100 times better than any store bought costume. Sebastian dressed as Buzz Light Year. He was really into trick-or-treating this year and loved getting candy.

Now we will fast forward to December…..  This month has been jam packed with fun things to do.  We took the kids to see the new Disney movie, Tangled.  They both loved it, especially Alanna.  She is now asking for everything Rapunzel.  We went to the Christmas parade in downtown Paris with my family.  It was at night and all of the floats were lit up.  It was really magical.  It reminded me of the parade at Disney World I saw when I was a little girl.  I can’t wait to take our kids to Disney World sometime soon.  The kids visited Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shop this year and both told him what they wanted for Christmas.  Alanna wrote a letter to Santa this year, all by herself.  My favorite part of the month so far has been that Alanna and Sebastian both picked out gifts to give each other for Christmas.  I took Alanna shopping and Alan took Sebastian shopping.  It was wonderful watching them pick out something that they knew their brother/sister would love to have.  I love that they had so much fun picking out a present for each other. 

We have a tradition of driving around and looking at Christmas lights.  This year Alan took us to a light show at Macy’s that was set to music.  It was beautiful and the best part was that Sebastian and Alanna danced to the music.  After that we drove over to Deerfield and looked at their Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  Alanna and I both picked out a house that we wanted.  She is so much like me that sometimes it scares me. 

The annual Jones’ Christmas party was held out our home last night.  This is Alan’s grandpa’s side of the family.  It went over very well.  No matter how tired I get, I love love having parties at our house.  It was lots of fun to see our family, many of whom we don’t see throughout the year except for Christmas time.  Alanna and Sebastian had a great time playing with cousins, Lindsey, Jason, and Jacob.  It’s funny how life goes in circles.  When Alan and Joy were about 18 – 20, (Lindsey and Jason’s age) they remember playing with them as little kids at the Christmas parties.  Now Lindsey and Jason are playing with our little ones.  When everyone left, Sebastian says to me, “Where did the crowd go?”  🙂

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Of Course It Rained……

After Alanna’s last birthday party and me cleaning cheeto fingerprints off of almost every wall in my house, I had decided it would be a while before I hosted another birthday party inside my home.  So, we sent out the invites for Sebastian’s 3rd birthday party and planned it at a nearby park.  I was very excited about having the party at  a park and not having to worry about the disaster my house is in after a kid’s birthday party.  (Those of you that know me well know that I have a near anxiety attack if my house is in disarray.)  Sebastian was very excited to have his party at “blue park” as my kids refer to our park. 

Fast forward to the morning of his party.  I awake at 5:00 am to thunder and rain.  My heart begins racing, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”  It can’t rain today.  It has been beautiful weather all week, please not today.  Oh, but yes, it rained that day.  In fact, it rained ALL MORNING and most of the afternoon.  😦  Thankfully my parents were at my home that morning and we all chipped in and performed a “white tornado” through the house.  I searched the internet for coloring pages and broke out the playdough.  I covered the carpet in the living room and the coffee table with the plastic tablecloths I had purchased for the picnic tables.  It was going to be a great party.  The kids began arriving and Sebastian was so excited.  The rain no longer matter and no matter the mess I had to clean up afterwards was worth the sparkle in his eyes and watching him play with his friends.

The next morning was his actual birthday.  We got up that morning to see that it was still raining, despite the weather forcast of sun and high of 80.  Sebastian had picked pancakes for breakfast that morning so we went to IHOP.  He had chocolate pancakes with lots of whip cream.  He thought that was the best thing ever.  Since it was still raining, we decided to forgo the park and head over to Bass Pro Shop.  Never once did he complain.  He thought it was the best thing ever.  I again learned a lesson from my children:  find happiness in what you are doing.  They both had a great time playing on the boats, looking at the fish, and riding the elevators.  I began to wonder what happens to that happiness in small things as you get older? 

That afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  It turned out to be a beautiful day! Sebastian got a bicycle for his birthday, so he and Alanna got their bikes out and we rode them up and down the sidewalk in front of our house.  It was the best part of the weekend.  After that, we let Sebastian pick out his birthday dinner.  BIG surprise, he aksed for McDonald’s.  🙂 

So, despite the rain, my son had a wonderful 3rd birthday and we had a wonderful family day.

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My Kindergartener

We survived the first 3 weeks of school.  My first year teaching first grade and Alanna’s first year of kindergarten.  shwoo!  What a 3 weeks it was.  Alanna’s first day was rough.  She got really tired in the afternoon and didn’t want to work and then got scared to get on the bus at first.  Now her favorite part of the day is the bus.  🙂 Alanna has gotten over her rough patch at school and now absolutely loves school.  She is very animated every morning and tells me whether she is going to pe, music, or art.  She also tells me all about the computer programs they do at her school.  My favorite time each evening is when her and I sit and complete her homework each night.  Then we will sit on the couch or her bed and read her “take home” readers.  I am so proud of how smart she is.  She is learning to read and spell so many new words already.  One day she got off the bus and began to tell me all about how the teacher asked her to spell a word she didn’t know.  Then she said, “I only know how to spell bat and cat and box and fox and hat and hen and words like that.”  She is so dramatic.  I already see a big change in her since starting school.  She isn’t baby talking anymore and she wants to help her brother with everything. 

She has also become very fashion conscious.  She and I pick out her clothes for the week every Sunday night and place them in her organizer.  She loves to go through her clothes and pick out her own outfits.  She recently decided that she just had to have a pair of “twinkle toe” shoes.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  We have been to a million stores and apparantly every girl that owns the twinkle toe shoes wears the same size Alanna does.  Not one single store had her size.  We ended up ordering them, and for everyone’s sake I hope they come in next week.  She also told her Nana and I that we needed to go shopping again soon, because, and I quote, “I’ve worn all those already”.  She is too much like her momma and all I can say is I hope Alan can make enough money to support Alanna’s and my shopping habits.  heehee!!

Anyway, her teacher thinks that Alanna is just a doll, even though Alanna’s stubborn side has shown through numerous times in the classroom already.  Alanna has made lots of new friends.  She told her daddy the other night that she has 2 boyfriends now.  The look on his face was a look of pure pain. 

Alanna working on her first project in her new classroom.

Getting off the bus after her first day of kindergarten. My sweet girl is growing up so fast.

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